Article | 12. 2018 Vol. 2, Issue. 4
The Analysis on the Genetic Improvement by Proving Hanwoo Pedigree Index

National Institute of Animal Science, RDA, Cheonan 31000, Korea1
Korea Animal Improvement Association(KAIA), Seoul, 06668, Korea2
Nationl Agricultural Cooperative Federation, Chungnam 31948, Korea3
Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation, Sejong, 30100, Korea4

2018.12. 1:13


This study was implemented to provide economic value of Korean native cattle (hanwoo) and investigate the genetic improvement effect of Korean native cattle in domestic farmhouses based on the genetic evaluation results of 1,926 breed bulls from K001 to KPN1359 selected from 1998 to 2017 by the National Institute of Animal Science at Rural Development Administration as well as the pedigree registration individual data of a total of 6,788,048 heads of 118,101 farmhouses from which pedigree data were collected from 1970 to 2017 under the Korean native cattle registration project by the Korea Animal Improvement Association. Pedigree Index (PI) equation is PI(Pedigree Index) = (Sire EBV×0.5) + (Sire of Dam EBV×0.25) + (Grand Sire of Dam EBV×0.125). PI genetic capability is divided into A grade (20%), B grade (25%), C grade (25%), and D grade (30%) and the PIs of individuals registered for the recent 5 years were referred to as the baseline. The results indicate that, every time and over years, each quantile rose, showing the improving genetic capability of evaluation group each time. The economic effect amount thanks to genetic improvement by year of birth ranged from KRW 101 billion to KRW 345 billion. The genetic capability of individuals born every year showed an average of about KRW 208.7 billion of improvement effect.

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